Chin! Chin! Salud! Na zdrowie!

It is always a good idea to bring some type of alcohol when invited to someone’s house if you want to be invited over again or to show mere appreciation for someone taking the time to clean their house and prepare food for you and you’re tribe.  Wine is highly regarded in the Bible and almost every culture uses wine to celebrate special occasions.  Therefore I feel it is the best way to invite you on this journey of mine.  May you’re cup never be empty and I hope you leave with more than you came.  My cup unfortunately was not always full or I perceived it to be empty.  It is inevitable for this to happen but if it does I hope you can come here and feel a little bit better by knowing you are not alone.  Come and join me on my inspirational journey to fill my cup with all things good.  This is not an easy task for everyone including me and it just doesn’t come natural to many, as I can attest.   I’ve spent my whole life walking around this Earth with  a half empty and even sometimes barren cup.  I’ve been mislead at times and even took my own wrong turns to fill up my inner cup.  I was naive, self-centered, and bitter along this journey.  However, I have spent the last five years as close to Grace as ever and while I still don’t have all the answers and probably never will I hope that you will join me on my journey of spills and pours and together we can hold one another up and celebrate our ebbs and flows!  God grant me grace, peace, and joy.

Chin! Chin! My friend!

Doesn’t it feel good to not be alone!